What are the most common types of sexual service out there?

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If you are new to the whole idea of sexual services, it might interest you to know that there are different types of sexual services. Not all sex workers perform the same service. Understanding the services of a sex worker will help you have the right expectation, so you don’t end up hiring the wrong service. Moreover, if you are the type to watch porn videos, you should have seen bisexual threesome videos, role play, handjobs, oral amongst others, which emphasizes that there are different sexual services. In this article, we’d be going through the top 10 more popular sexual services out there. 

  • Erotic Massage 

Erotic massage is a service clients order for when they are simply seeking something relaxing. In the session, the sex worker and the client are naked for a full-body massage. However, one major key thing to note about this service is that sex in any form is not involved. 

  • Handjob 

Handjob is another sexual service some clients prefer especially when they want to experience orgasm without penetration. It involves the sex worker masturbating the client often till orgasm. Handjob is one of the safest sex services to order for as it eliminates the risk of any infection from coitus.  

  • Spanish 

Spanish is a more intense sex service whereby the penis is masturbated between the breasts. Obviously, for this service, both you and the sex worker have to be naked. Often this service is not given as a standalone. Perhaps during an erotic massage, or before oral or coitus. 

  • Oral 

Oral is another sex service that is commonly known to be given anywhere. In this service, the sex worker uses the mouth to stimulate the sex organ. Oral sex is known as cunnilingus for females and fellatio for males. It is also a safe form of sex as it eliminates the risk of sexually transmitted infections. 

  • Role Play 

If you are the type of person that’s into porn involving bisexual, threesome, schoolgirl, army, sportswear teacher, nurses, and so on, then this service is for you. This sexual service is all about creating the fantasy you want. When ordering for this service, you’d have to tell the sex worker the kind of scenario you want them to recreate for you. This service often includes teasing, kissing, and ultimately coitus. 

  • Sex/Coitus 

If all you want at the moment is coitus then you can order for this service. All that’s involved in this service is coitus where the penis penetrates the vagina. Other aspects of sex may not be involved like anal, oral, Spanish, and even kissing sometimes. Most times when this service is ordered it is timed or based on the number of orgasms the client has. 

  • Anal 

Anal sex is a hardcore sex service often ordered by bisexual, threesome, and straight clients. This service is all about penetrating the anus with the penis, finger, or sex toy often shaped like a penis. Note that anyone can enjoy anal sex, either receiving or giving it. When a sex worker gives anal sex but does not receive it, it is known as active top. If the sex worker receives anal sex but does not give it, it is known as passive bottom. While if the sex worker is opened to giving and receiving it, it is known as fully versatile. 

  • Fully inclusive 

Fully inclusive service is service sex workers offer when it includes everything you can think about. Most sex workers that offer this service are open-minded and willing to do whatever pleases them. This service could be sex service from massage, to oral, handjob, coitus, and so on. 

  • Bondage and Discipline 

If you are seeking intense sex service that involves being flogged, whipped, caned, tied up, and told what to do, then this sex service is right for you. Whether you’re into bisexual, threesome, or straight sex, you can get this service as it is performed by trained professional masters and mistresses. This service is performed with special equipment like ropes, cuffs, canes, suspension racks, and so on. 

  • Sadism and Masochism

A more extreme form of bondage and discipline is masochism and sadism. This service is so extreme that it involves cutting, humiliation, superficial piercing, and so on. Note that sometimes, BDSM is often used to describe when bondage, disciple, sadism, and masochism are involved. 


To sum things up, while you can find most of these sex services being displayed on porn like bisexual threesome videos, it’s not just a pornographic fantasy, they can be ordered for in real life. When going for sex service, be cautious to practice safe sex to avoid sexually transmitted infections. 

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