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Sexual fantasies vary from person to person, since our sexual gratification is different and peculiar to each person. Everyone has their fantasies they want to try or their inner erotic thoughts and turn-ons. The human mind is wired to have such thoughts, and you don’t need to beat yourself over having such sexual or steamy thoughts.

More so, it may begin to seem weird when you cannot put your fantasies into reality. Some fantasies are, in reality, not what someone would want to do. For instance, how do you experience non-consensual or forced sex in real life? Worry not! Central to the idea of many sexual fantasies is that they are transgressive. They break the rules of society and are often not what someone would want to try in real life.


You can call professional girl escorts if you decide to fulfil your sexual fantasies. They will assist you in fulfilling your desire and trying all your sexual fantasies. Here are the six most common sexual fantasies you can try out with a girl escort:


Sexual roleplay is a form of roleplay with an erotic element. Sexual roleplay is carried out by two or more people who take on the persona of someone in order to bring to life their sexual fantasies. For instance, while having sex, you could act as a stranger who met at the bar, a teacher and a student, a boss at work and an employee, or a nurse and a patient. 

An escort can provide an exclusive service to tap into your sexual fantasies. Don’t doubt the creativity of an escort! With an escort, you could develop a complex or simple form of roleplaying, such as incorporating costumes and music in the background to set the scene or give a narration of what you will be doing from another perspective.


Cuckolding is a sexual gratification in which one is aroused by watching or listening to one’s date, or sexual partner have sex with someone else. Generally, on the women’s part, they are more likely to fantasize about exhibitionistic cuckolding. That is, they would enjoy being watched by their sexual partner than watching their partner. 

While men fantasize about watching their partner or date having sex with another as they touch themselves. Don’t think it’s embarrassing. Let your fantasies become a reality with an escort. You don’t want to miss the incredible sexual pleasure of seeing others having sex.


Threesomes are one of the most common sexual fantasies among men and women. Having multiple body parts around you can double your pleasure, be it muscular arms and body occupying you from the front and back simultaneously or the softness of a woman’s body and boobs. An endless array of combinations can be offered by three mouths, six hands and most importantly, three genitals. You will feel like a sex god or goddess with threesomes.


Rough or dominant sex is a sexual activity that is feral, aggressive or somewhat violent. Although, rough sex is not inherently abusive or dangerous. It is painted to be more passionate sex than other kinds of sex. 

Actions attributed to this may be tying up your partner or escort, spanking, and other behaviors with emotional entanglements.


Voyeurism is a sexual fantasy in which one observes an unsuspecting person while they get naked and engage in sexual activities. Watching someone having sex gives them the passionate sexual gratification they would not have had.

Exhibitionism is quite the opposite; it is when a person feels sexual arousal at the idea or reality of having or engaging in sexual activities with others.


People fantasize about having romantic and passionate sex. They want to talk dirty and moan out loud without caring about the neighbours. The idea of exploring their bodies with more hands and cute smiles after play keeps them up all night.

Finding the proper girl escort platform could lead to great sexual experiences for you.

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