Leaked Pictures of Yvonne Strahovski Are Incredible

All leaked nude pictures from her phone - Here

You know Fappening, right? This term is used to refer to a certain subset of leaked celebrity nude content. Fappening was so named after the infamous incident back in 2014 where hackers stole nude photos of some incredibly sexy babes, most notably Jennifer Lawrence. While the internet didn’t condone the stealing of said photos, it did looooooove seeing their favorite celebs in various states of undress. Nowadays, the term “Fappening” is used to refer to any sort of leaks featuring celebs. Not too long ago, a bunch of extremely arousing pictures of Yvonne Strahovski was released. You can freely view them over at TheFappeningNew or any other leak-themed blog. What makes them so noteworthy anyway?

First of all, they’re not your average celebs showing skin. Yvonne Strahovski, star of Dexter, is quite the stunner. And she’s not holding anything back. It’s the combination of her beauty and unmatched sexiness that made this set of leaks an instant hit at TheFappeningNew and all the other websites. Is there more to this? Of course, there is! Not only is Yvonne doing the naughtiest things, but she also looks absolutely gorgeous while doing them – we already established that. One more thing that people tend to appreciate about this set is that she is totally in her element – you can tell that Yvonne is enjoying herself and not holding ANYTHING back. Even though these are private photos, you still can’t shake off the feeling of fakeness when it comes to most of them. This batch, on the other hand, provides you with the opportunity to scroll through some seriously mind-blowing pictures that are as authentic as it gets.

All in all, we hope that the former Chuck actress is able to recover from this. Things like that are bound to take a toll on anyone, especially a kind-hearted woman like her.

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