Fake Nude Celebs in India Culture

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To know why fake nude celebs are so popular in India, you need to know the local mentality. In addition to the fact that the country is southern, temperamental (similar happens in Arab countries but with an even greater level of taboos), the series in it is also a real cult, much stronger than Europeans and Americans spoiled by entertainments can imagine. No wonder that even the first attempts by Face Swap caused a real sensation. The effect of the forbidden fruit worked, as well as the general interest of a huge number of people in the “strawberry” with long-beloved people.

It is worth noting that nude celebs enjoy such excitement only regarding Bollywood. Firstly, the point is in general popularity. The same Tamil cinema is much freer in the general spirit but has no big stars. And Europeans will want to look at porn with Aishwarya Paradise.

Sexcelebrity.net offers an impressive number of commercials with Indian movie stars. There are relatively few musicians and Internet celebrities in these videos – again, due to the specifics of the region. In India, you can only be a star if you act in Bollywood. Instagram celebrities are already there, of course, but in the nude celebs category, they will not collect even a fifth of the views of top heroes in melodramas.

Of the Face Swap genres, preference is given to anal sex and adolescents (from legal age, of course, Indian law in this sense is extremely cruel). If you believe the expanded statistics of Pornhub, it is these genres that are preferred by residents of the region, who make the main cash register on the Sexcelebrity.net portal.

It is interesting that Indians also prefer models with paler skin when choosing fake nude celebs. Stereotypically, such people in the country are considered to be carriers of a more “aristocratic” appearance. Although this is rather arbitrary, India is westernized and found in porn, if not real, for a long time it is possible for people of any skin tone and body proportions.

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