Adult women, young men: pros and cons

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  • Most men need an adult, confident, independent woman. Often, men in their age category cannot find the owners of such “ideal” characteristics.
  • On the other hand, most women dream of a man who is ambitious, attentive and attractive.

That is why the relationship between an adult woman and a young man always has a very high chance of success. With the growing popularity of dating sites for adult women and the emergence of such couples in Hollywood (it’s worth remembering at least Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years younger than his wife), everyone started talking about romances between adult women and young men.

Although such novels have almost more chances of success than traditional relationships between partners of the same age, even such an “ideal” relationship development scheme has its pros and cons.


Less “baggage”

The younger the man, the less “baggage” he has to carry with him. A woman who is dating a man in her 20s and not her 40s will not have to deal with memories of previous failed romances and other emotional problems of her chosen one, and she will not have to worry about his ex-wife and children.

More ambition

Men between the ages of twenty and thirty are much more ambitious: they are driven by desires and aspirations upward, while older men are guided by a sense of duty and fear for their own well-being. An affair with a young man will also be useful for an adult woman: his ambition and energy will certainly inspire her to achieve her own goals.

Willingness to learn

Not only in sex, but also in everyday life, young men are much more willing to receive new information and learn. In addition, it is always pleasant when your partner appreciates your life experience. As the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but a puppy can be taught everything he needs to know. In addition, unlike older men, young men are not afraid of a woman’s achievements, but, on the contrary, appreciate them.


We have to admit that young men for the most part look much more attractive than aging – and physical attractiveness is considered one of the most important parts of relationships for a reason. Young men keep fit both for quality sex and to attract the attention of women around them at a party.



  • If the young man you started dating has let you know that your romance is temporary, don’t expect it to escalate into a serious relationship. 
  • Most young men are not interested in a serious, stable relationship yet: if you are in love and he only wants sex, you will have to face great disappointment.


Young men do not have the financial stability you are accustomed to when dating men your own age. If your young man demands that you pay for dinner, or hints that he would not mind receiving a gift from you, be careful, most likely you have contacted the gigolo. However, the lack of financial stability is not the biggest drawback of the relationship between an adult woman and a young man: after all, in order to be happy together, it is not necessary to be on the same rung of the economic, social or career ladder.


One of the most important flaws in a romance between an adult woman and a young man is the reputation that such a woman will enjoy in the eyes of most people around her. Even if you do not consider yourself a desperate, afraid of old age, a loser in love, using young men solely for sex, it is likely that some of your acquaintances will think so, and you should be ready for this.

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Usefulness of sex

The one who thinks that a harmonious and full-fledged sex life is possible only in youth is mistaken. Studies in Germany show that many people who have crossed the 60-year mark continue to have regular sex. According to 30-year-old psychotherapist and marital sexual psychotherapist Volker van den Boom from Aachen, this is a great start! Sex in old age is a real elixir of youth, the expert emphasizes.

Sexual intercourse is a surge in happiness hormones. It improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, and trains the body. Sex is good for both the psyche and physical health. Regular moderate sex in old age is a real elixir of youth. True, too intense an intimate life creates stress for the cardiovascular system and turns into an excessive load on the body. But this, as a rule, applies more often to men.

But for older women, regular sex is always a plus! Their blood pressure normalizes, the risk of hypertension decreases. And the attention and tenderness shown by a partner have a positive effect on the psychological state.

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